Frequently asked questions


How much does MyFeria cost?

MyFeria is free to launch and operate, we only charge a small percentage of the revenues generated by the sales of products on the market place.

How long does it take to launch a new local market?

It depends on how many vendors you need to recruit and train, we have launched markets in less than 2 weeks on others in 2 months. Please contact us to discuss how soon you could launch a new online local market.

How do you assess the viability of launching a new market?

There are many factors to assess the viablity of launching a new market, such as the availability of local producers, the existence of a local market, the background of the person launching the market. Our team would be happy to talk to you to discuss these factors and our methodology to assess the potential of each market. Please contact us.

What are other companies providing services similar to my Feria?

When our team started to create a local online market place when COVID hit in March 2020 in Costa Rica, there was no turn key marketplace software we could use. We reviewed the recommended online store creation websites. Unfortunately none were built to manage a local market place with distributed order & catalog management. This is why MyFeria was born.

How can I switch to another market platform?

If you can extract your catalog, we can upload it in our system during your onboarding.


Does MyFeria work on any device?

MyFeria works on desktop and mobile. All reporting and dashboard are best on larger screens like Tablets.

In what language does MyFeria work?

Where are MyFeria's servers hosted?

Currently servers are in the US.

Do I need to have a server and a technical team to run MyFeria?


What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available on demand.

How can I delete my personal information?